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Flashcut is a complete line-up of oscillating-knife cutting tables, available in several models with either flat or inclined cutting surface and sizes up to 610 x 260 cm. Our tables are the result of our 60 years long experience in the cutting, experience we collected by following our customers and paying extreme attention to their feedbacks and actual cutting needs.

The possibility to use digital cameras for material contour recognition, projectors for interactive nesting and assisted parts collection and the extremely powerful (but simple to use) control software and the cutting edge automatic and interactive nesting software are among the most important Flashcut point of strength, making it suitable for cutting in several industries an incredible variety of materials. The traditional reliability of Atom's mechanical components, together with the powerful and flexible production control software make Flashcut an extremely efficient, versatile and powerful cutting system suitable for:
  Models       General features      Particular features                              
Model   Cutting area (mm) Conveyor / static Inclined / Flat Nº Heads / (Herr) Max cutting height
1000x600 Static Flat 1/(5) 20mm
1600x600 Static Flat 1/(5) 20mm
2500x800 Static Inclined (10º) 1/(5) 20mm
3000x1000 Static Inclined (10º) 1/(5) 20mm
    1550x1550 Static Flat 1/(5) 20mm
    3050x1550 Static Flat 1/(5) 20mm
    3050x1550 Static Flat 1/(2) 120mm
    1600x600 Conveyor Flat 2/(5) 20mm
6100x2600 Conveyor Flat 1/(5) 20mm
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